In riding a horse, we borrow freedom. - Helen Thompson

SYLR Tomoros Golden Correl

Amberfields Golden Tomoro x Sensational Rose of Tomoro

2005 Palomino Stallion

Correl is everything that I believe a fantastic Morgan Stallion should represent; correct build, athleticism, intelligence, stamina. personality, power, grace, and beauty -- all of which he passes on to  his offspring without fail! Correl came to me from the Saylor's of Tomoro Morgan Farms and fueled my already huge passion for Morgans into a greater desire; to help create quality Morgans similar to what inspired me to fall in love with the Morgan breed in the first place. That's just what we are now doing!

$950 USD Live Cover, LFG; $1200 USD, AI available 2017

Teton Black Hawk

Teton Celebration x Tetonia Jewell

2008 Black Stallion

Black Hawk was the first and only horse I have ever purchased without first seeing a photo -- a big risk -- but beyond worth it! Plus, knowing the Neeley's incredible breeding, there was no way I could go wrong with this boy! BH is condensed WW bloodlines, almost all leading back to the original Black Hawk, son of Sherman Morgan, who was the son of Justin Morgan himself. BH has incredible conformation; chisled and typey ears that sit on the most detailed Morgan face that is perched on a neck that comes right out of his beautifully sloped shoulder. He is very in-your-pocket friendly, always the first to offer a whinny in greeting. BH sure puts his stamp on his foals too! So far we are two for two with amazing colts, both being excellent stallion material and having the best of his traits!

$950 USD Live Cover, LFG; $1200 USD, AI available 2017

Arcane Manna Red Hawk

Teton Black Hawk x Truwest Smoke Lika Lady 

2015 Upcoming Stallion

Red Hawk is the first foal of our stallion Teton Black Hawk and also the first colt from our mare, Truwest Smoke Lika Lady by Truwest Pure Prairiesmoke. Red Hawk has the best of both of his parents traits. He has size (should mature to 15.3/16hh), upright build, impeccable conformation, temperment, intelligence, and incredible movement, as well as a pedigree rich in WW bloodlines. Be on the look out for updated photos coming soon!

Caduceus Pericles

Wyoming Flyhawk x Caduceus Allegra

1995 Solid Black Stallion

Mountain Home Morgans and Arcane Manna Morgans have come together to share and promote the very old, outstanding bloodlines of this stallion, Caduceus Pericles.

We are excited to announce Caduceus Pericles (Baron) will stand to mares early season in Idaho and later season in Michigan for the 2018 breeding season. Baron is one of the last breeding stallions from the famed Caduceus breeding program and is a son of Wyoming Flyhawk. Please contact either farm for further questions or a breeding contract.