Arcane Manna Regent Legacy

SYLR Tomoros Golden Correl x DM Regency's Reeses Peace

 Rest In Peace, Sweet Boy

September 19th, 2016 was a day I will never forget, for all the wrong reasons. Mike and I went out to feed that morning to find our almost 6 week old colt, Legacy, was standing alone without mom, not being his usual hungry, alert self. I called my vet who was out of town and we discussed his symptoms; lack of appetite, lack of energy, just standing, etc. I tried a second vet, no luck. Tried a 3rd, finally got an answer, and at that time it was recommended he go receive more in depth care as, as time went on that morning, things were not changing and foals fade fast. I was on the other end of the line with Michigan State University, letting them know we were loading dam and foal and headed to them, time of arrival being approximately 4 hours later, our closest and best chance at saving him, when he collapsed in my arms at the gate. I had to drop the phone as I was suddenly grief and panic stricken, praying that God wasn't actually taking this colt from me. I held him as he took his last breaths... and that day I debated ever breeding again. This "business", this life of breeding, is not for the faint of heart. I think about Legacy every single day I go out to feed my herd and see that he is not a part of it, thinking of the colt he would be maturing to be and the future he could have had. I know that all things happen for a reason, even the bad, and I am thankful for the short weeks that we had together. I hope he felt and knew the love we had for him, all the way until the end.