DM Regency's Reeses Peace

Windhover Regency x Justamere Delight

1997 Bay Mare

Reese is the first mare of Arcane Manna Morgans. A big Thank You goes to John Lawrence of Pond Brook Farm, ME for allowing me to purchase this wonderful mare. Reese has given us a super lovely smoky black filly, Orianna Starlight, by our senior stallion SYLR Tomoros Golden Correl. Reese passes on her size and great bone as well as her lovely pedigree; she is a Windhover Regency daughter. Reese stands 15.3hh barefoot.

Reese is now retired and will enjoy her days just being loved.

Truwest Smoke Lika Lady

Truwest Pure Prairiesmoke x Agie Beaver Cy

1998 Bay Mare

Layla was a special find for us. I had always admired the Truwest breeding program but hadn't made the move to have a mare shipped across the country to us. Very lucky for us, a woman named Barbara King was looking for a forever home for her Truwest bred mare. After seeing her pedigree and meeting her, I knew she was for us! Layla has given us two stunning colts by our junior stallion Teton Black Hawk and this summer gave us a stunning filly. We couldn't have been more impressed! Layla stands 14.2hh barefoot.

Ken Mar Marie Leveau

Ken Mar Brandon x Cy Dons Jennifer

2001 Bay Mare

Leiah is a mare that is impeccibly bred and so, so sweet. I had almost thought this mare was not to be but somehow God helped us make it work. Leiah gave us a gorgeous buckskin filly, and hopefully a repeat buckskin beauty for 2018 both, from our stallion SYLR Tomoros Golden Correl.  Leiah's pedigree is Mentor and Captor, two of the Morgan breeds well known producing stallions. This girl has moves for days and loves attention, something we hope she passes on to all of her foals! Leiah stands 15.1hh barefoot.

JMF Black Magnolia

Windhover Regency x JMF Peaches and Beam

1998 Black Mare

Magnolia becoming an addition to our small mare band was an answered prayer. We retired her half sister, DM Regency's Reeses Peace, this year and being able to find another Windhover Regency daughter, especially of Magnolia's caliber, was such a blessing. Magnolia had never been offered publically for sale and I owe a HUGE Thank You to Kari & Bruce Janzen of Janzen Morgans for offering this amazing mare to me. Magnolia gave us a stunning colt this summer by JMF Kat's Sensation (JMF Shadow Sensation x JMF Black Kat). We have bred her to our black stallion Teton Black Hawk (Teton Celebration x Tetonia Jewell) for a late summer 2018 foal and expect the foal to be phenomenal! Magnolia is an amazingly built mare and produces outstanding foals -- we have no doubt this will be another beauty! Magnolia stands 15.2hh barefoot.

SYLR Tomoros Hannah Montana

Shattos Legend of Kilping x SYLR Tomoros Red Velvet Lady

2007 Flaxen Chestnut Mare (leased)

Hannah is owned by a good friend of ours and, lucky for us, he lets us breed-lease her! Hannah has given us one foal so far by our senior stallion SYLR Tomoros Golden Correl, a super lovely flaxen filly who made her way to South Carolina last September.  Hannah brings a lot of Sunup Mike breeding as well as more Brunk and Funquest lines -- she is a gem! Hannah stands 15.0hh barefoot.

RIP SYLR Tomoros Hannah Montana, the best mare a friend could ask for. <3

Orianna Starlight

SYLR Tomoros Golden Correl x DM Regency's Reeses Peace

2014 Smoky Black Upcoming Mare

Orianna is a special filly to us. She is the first foal for us at Arcane Manna Morgans and also the filly of our main mare, DM Regency's Reeses Peace, our WIndhover Regency daughter. She is also the filly of our senior stallion SYLR Tomoros Golden Correl. Her pedigree is a combination of Beamington, Amberfields Desperado, Quietude Cardinal, Sunup Mike, and so much more! Keep your eye out for this lovely filly!

R-Two Seawind

England's Crimson Tide x R-Two Golden Zephyr

2006 Buckskin Mare

Seawind is another amazing addition to our small mare band. A big THANKS goes to Mark Brown of MT for allowing us to purchase such a gem mare. Seawind has had some complications with previous pregnancies, having only one foal before coming to us. We were VERY bless this January that Seawind gave us a gorgeous palomino colt by our stallion SYLR Tomoros Golden Correl. We will be trying for a repeat of this cross for 2020. Seawind stands 15.3hh barefoot.

MtnTop Miss Amelia

MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x Universal Selection

2016 Upcoming Mare

Purchasing a weanling wasn't quite in my plans but Kristal Homoki and I have talked for quite a few years (5 or so, I believe) about me purchasing a filly from her. (I would have preferred a mature mare but Kristal's foals sell so quickly, there is never a chance for anything to mature without it first being sold.) I just LOVE her stallion Tanek and I also happen to be a huge fan of Universal Selection, especially both of their pedigrees -- their combined pedigrees & in a smoky black filly to top it off, is phenomenal! As soon as Kristal messaged me they had produced a filly, I new she was meant to be ours and have a forever home with us.


Arcane Manna Autumn Gold

SYLR Tomoros Golden Correl x Ken Mar Marie Leveau

2016 Upcoming Mare

'Audi' is our first cross of Correl and Leiah and we were so very impressed that we couldn't part with her. Audi is quite the young mare in all categories and we are very excited to see what she will produce for us in the future. We plan to slowly start her under saddle this fall and next spring at a walk, as she is only 3 this late October.


SYLR Tomoros Bella Mia

Amberfields Golden Tomoro x SYLR Tomoros Kotton Kandi

2007 Flaxen Chestnut Mare

Bella is a new addition for us as of fall 2018 and is a half sibling to our stallion, SYLR Tomoros Golden Correl. Bella is a gorgeous, well built mare standing around 15.1hh. Having four white socks a star and large snip, she is quite the eye catching girl, especially when she moves. I have always admired the foals she has had for the Saylors' and cannot wait to see what she produces for us!


Oldtyme Enchantress

WHF Whistle Jacket x Oldtyme Prophecy

2007 Bay Mare (leased)

Several years back I had the chance to purchase Mindy and stupidly passed. Fast forward some years and I was able to breed-lease 'Mindy' from her newest owner, Bridgette Ward, and I am so very excited to see her 2019 foal due by Caduceus Pericles, our senior stallion co-owned with Mountain Home Morgans. Their first cross gave Bridgette a gorgeous, very typey chestnut filly that she has chosen to keep. My fingers are crossed for another filly, a keeper, just in black this time.