Arcane Equine Transportation

Sometimes in life, the direction you are going isn't always the direction that you should be going.


Mike and I had been building a small storefront business for the last 5 years in our small county and the market took a turn that had us asking ourselves tough questions and having us make even harder decisions. The decision was to no longer pursue building the storefront and to close down our operation before we started to go backwards.

Bringing us to the venture we should have always been in: the transportation business of horses.

When your love happens to be travel AND horses (especially Morgan's!), what better way to help those in need than offering reliable, trustworthy, and fair services.

We haul with a 6-horse Sundowner, all aluminum, ramp load (removable) trailer. We have (2) full stallion walls, (3) 3/4 walls, and (1) regular divider. Your horse cannot be kicked or touched by another horse while in our trailer. We also stop every 3-4 hours to refresh water, hay, and any specific request's the owner may have. We love to share pictures with the owners, as we make our way along the route, of their horses and share how they are doing.


We are Private Haulers with private liability insurance. Email for quote and contract at